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Integrated Fridges

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BOSCH KUR15A50GB Built-In Fridge
  • MultiBox: ideal storage location for fruits and vegetables.
  • Extra deep door trays: extra room for large bottles and containers.
  • SafetyGlass: very stable shelves made of easy-to-clean glass, ( x 3 shelves)
  • Built-In Fridge, undercounter
  • Right Hinged Door - reversible

  Estimated Lead Time: 5-7 Working Days

Fridgemaster MBUL60133 Built in Undercounter Larder

Fridgemaster integrated larder fridge

  • Undercounter
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Salad Crisper
  • Interior Light

  Estimated Lead Time: TBA

Hoover HBRUP160NK Integrated Fridge
  • Integrated Fridge
  • 3 Glass Shelves
  • 13 Amp fuse
  • 220-240 W
  • Auto Defrost
save 12%

  Estimated Lead Time: TBA

Hotpoint HLA1 Under Counter Built In Fridge
  • Integrated Under Counter Fridge
  • 2 glass shelves
  • Salad crisper
  • Right Hinge Door
save 7%

  Estimated Lead Time: 3-5 Working Days

Hotpoint HSZ1801AA Built In Tall Icebox Fridge

The Ultima Fridge Freezer includes an impressive 292L capacity with flexible storage for all your fresh produce and ingredients. Featuring four glass shelves and wine rack to keep your favourite beverages cool, the two salad bins are great for keeping salads, vegetables and fruit protected from knocks and in tip-top condition ready for your next culinary adventure. Hotpoint Tall Icebox Fridge

  • Built in
  • Reversible Door
  • Metal Back
  • Wine Rack
  • 2 Salad Crispers
  • Adjustable Thermostat
save 6%

  Estimated Lead Time: 5-7 Working Days

Iceking BU100 Integrated Larder Fridge

Iceking Built-in undercounter larder fridge has a 135 litre capacity and 2 year guarantee. With 3 Glass Shelves and in door storage make the most of organising your food items.


  Estimated Lead Time: 3-5 Working Days

Indesit IFA1 Integrated Icebox Fridge

A compact model, ideal for apartment living, the Indesit IF A1.1 Built-In Fridge provides space for refrigeration, plus a dedicate 18L ice box for essential freezing. 111L of cooling space is available across the glass shelf and Salad Crisper.


  Estimated Lead Time: TBA

Indesit ILA1 Built In Larder Fridge
  • Built-In Fridge in white. 146L of storage is distributed across two glass shelves for easy organisation, plus a dedicated salad crisper offers extra protection for delicate produce such as leaves and fruit. Easily controlled through the adjustable thermostat, with an A+ energy rating and reversible doors to make it a straight forward job to install into every kitchen
  • Undercounter
  • 2 Shelves
  • Salad Crisper
  • Anti Bacterial Protection


save 3%

  Estimated Lead Time: 5-7 Working Days

Montpellier MBUL100 Built-In Larder Fridge

Montpellier Built In Larder Fridge has 2 adjustable glass shelves, a salad crisper and in door storage ensuring you have plenty of room for your food. With its auto-defrost technology, you won't need to worry about a build-up of frost or ice

  • Interior Light
  • Concealed Compartment
  • Reversible door and adjustable feet

  Estimated Lead Time: 3-5 Working Days

Montpellier MBUR200 Built-In Icebox Fridge

Montpellier's Built-In undercounter Icebox Fridge has a 4* freezer compartment and a spacious 106 litre fridge compartment. With its auto-defrost technology, you won't need to worry about a build-up of frost or ice.

  • Glass Shelves
  • Concealed Compartment
  • Interior Light
  • 123 Litre net capacity

  Estimated Lead Time: 3-5 Working Days

Montpellier MITL100 In-Column Larder Fridge

The Montpellier MITL100 177cm tall integrated larder fridge is perfect for your family. It has an impressive 300Ltr capacity which is spread over 4 glass shelves, 2 salad crispers, a wine rack and plenty of door storage, so you can make the most of organsising your food. It's A+ energy so will be kind to your energy bills.

save 10%

  Estimated Lead Time: TBA

  Price Match Guaranteed