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Our extensive range of compact appliances are designed to complete the most stylish of kitchens. We offer compact ovens, compact steam ovens, microwaves, warming drawers, compact dishwashers and even slow cookers.

Our compact appliances convey style and class to the kitchen. Some have separate controls to make the stove simple to use and keeps it nice and neat when not being used, as well as making the surface less demanding to clean. Controls on our top of the range minimal ovens just require the lightest touch to initiate and all models are created from quality stainless steel and glass for a smooth, safe finish. Compact microwave ovens are magnificent for quick and simple cooking. Microwave mix ovens are ideal for microwaving cooking as well as for re-heating. Multi-work ovens with coordinated microwaves are perfect for any individual who looks toward a customary stove but with the additional comfort of microwave power to accelerate cooking. Our slow cooker selection will make soup and stew cooking a breeze. These handy appliances make delicious meals in an easy way. Just set the food up and let it cook away.


Slow Cookers